Convidera champions digital change along corporate value chains. As established pioneers in the field, we successfully accompany you through the challenges of Digital Transformation, equipping you with the strategic frameworks and operational infrastructure to unlock your business and brand potential.

While effectively applying strategic consulting, creative design and software solutions, we ensure your brand stays relevant, meaningful and connected in the digital age.

Deploying digital Knowledge

Digital media and social networks have shifted market power away from companies towards consumers. Your company is faced with operational and strategic challenges as a result of this change, but also with grand opportunities.

Through executive workshops highlighting the fundamental principles of the digital changes and a thorough analysis of internal and external factors affecting your brand’s competitiveness in the digital landscape, we equip you with the understanding and mindset required to master this new environment. Consequently, we develop a digital strategy that describes how the company can and must utilize the
potential of digitization and the Social Media Revolution
in a value-adding way.

In the digital age, the ability to “listen” is vital for any business. We surface out relevant, real-time mentions about your brand on the web via a powerful monitoring tool.

Listening is the essential first step for companies to understand what is being said about them, where and when. Only then can they participate to (and steer) conversations on social media platforms.

Effectively analyzing and applying smart insights leads to better decisions.

We develop with you an index which measures your success based on relevant key performance indicators. This will secure real-time control and steering of your communication strategy.

Building and managing infrastructures, maintaining competencies and other structural parameters are critical components of any successful digital strategy.

Convidera builds governance in your organization and positions your teams strategically. We further upgrade your company competence by strengthening your employees’ readiness for the digital age through individual presentations, seminars and workshops, turning employees into key assets in your
digital strategy.

Customizing and delivering the right content to the right channel is non-negotiable, yet difficult to get right. How is meaningful and relevant content produced and distributed? With our team of content strategists, we articulate with you clear content management goals.

A gap-analysis allows us to recognize how far off your organization is from its content strategy destination and what it takes to get there. Our team of creative strategists does just that: turn a listening-based insight into an impactful concept that engages your audience and expands your reach and influence.

Digital Customer Journeys are defined by evaluating all possible customer paths within your organization’s value chain.

We establish parameters for the overall journey, define and control all touchpoints along the way. All channels receive customer-centric optimization.

Why should C-Levels position themselves on the social web? Very simple: today, corporate reputations and brand perceptions are heavily influenced by social networks

We coach and accompany motivated C-Level executives on their way to becoming powerful influencers and digital ambassadors for their brands.

Today’s job-seekers are no longer confining their search to job portals. Young talents specifically run their job and company search on networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Snapchat.

We ensure your employer branding is visible, attractive and consistent across all relevant channels and consumer touchpoints to attract high caliber profiles.

Effective monitoring, coordination and steering of your social media communication requires a holistic approach.

Our strategy consulting unit will guide you through the development of an effective and efficient structure to maximize your communication impact across each of your channels. The actual deployment will be supervised by our team of Social Media specialists.

Most companies rely exclusively on (internal) research and development resources to generate new ideas.

These same resources can now be supported with effective crowdsourcing, bringing the outside-in view from social media crowds. We can support you integrate customized crowdsourcing solutions from start to finish.

Companies continue to invest heavily into conventional brand campaigns, customer events and trade fairs to raise awareness.

Digital Transformation provides unique opportunities to maximize impact of these activities on your brand in a successful and measurable way.

Customizing and delivering the relevant content to the right channel is non-negotiable, yet difficult to achieve. How is meaningful and relevant content produced and distributed?

A gap-analysis allows us to recognize how far off your organization is from its content strategy destination and what it takes to get there. Our editorial team will work with you to deliver your content strategy with impact.

What do my customers want to read? Which content can I generate loyalty and brand endorsement with? Connected, socially-devoted companies capitalize on online magazines to provide their community with relevant themes and engaging stories.

Our creative editorial teams capture the essence of your communication strategy with customized content and flawless design to lock your targeted audience.

Your brand is your most powerful and emotional asset. It is one that needs to embrace the digital and social media world. One that your consumers will have a role in shaping. One that you’ll need to constantly evolve and adapt.

We will take a hard look at your brand and will guide you through the definition of your brand digital purpose and the articulation of your online brand story while delivering flawless creative work that engages your audience in a relevant, meaningful and differentiated way.

A dedicated team of social media managers supports, coordinates, manages and supervises your company’s social network activities.

By combining content creation and brand knowledge with operational community management, we help you steer the conversations with your consumers while staying true to your brand core philosophy.

Developing an effective brand campaign requires deep understanding of the online channels mechanics. It also demands strong listening skills and the ability to turn insight into a story that your audience can relate and emotionally respond to.

Our team of creative strategist do just that: turn a listening-based insight into an impactful concept that engages your audience and expands your reach and influence.

Social media is the latest marketing instrument utilized by brands to increase reach and visibility on the market. You want to start the dialog with relevant social media communities and expand your online presence but wouldn’t know where to start?

Our Team of Social Media strategists will accompany you through the generation, sharing and daily management of your brand content throughout the multiple social media platforms that matter most to your brand and your – targeted- consumer base.

We are more likely to purchase a product that has been used and reviewed by someone we trust. Someone we can relate to. An influencer. Influencers have become critical advertising tools to expand brands reach.

Collaborating with as part of your digital strategy will connect your brand organically with your target audience. At Convidera, we will make sure your brand content is generated and shared throughout multiple social media platforms by individuals that your targeted consumers trust.

The overwhelming abundance of online advertising tools available today makes it difficult for brands to opt for effective promotional channels.

Our Media Planners will help you identify the advertising channel mix that works best for your business. We combine Pay-Per-Clicks Campaigns to Inbound Marketing such as Engine Search Optimization to drive synergies across the various tools and maximize your ROI.

Companies invest heavily in conventional customer events and trade fairs to raise brand awareness and engage with existing and future customers. Digital Transformation allows us to capitalize on such events and increase their effectiveness and value-add for you.

With a process in place to fully digitalize event management, we fill in the gaps and unlock the events full potential.
On- and Off-line.

Who is talking about your brand and how? Which relevant data can you extract from the noise available on the web? Which topics trigger interest with your customers and on which channels?

These are just some of the questions you need to address to be able to master the challenge of an effective digital strategy: turn Big Data into meaningful insights. REALTRAX is an end-to-end, scalable and modular digital insights solution that allows your business to listen and appropriately react. In real-time.

Those who communicate effectively are the winners in the digital age. This gives new meaning to the word service.

Our enterprise community solution enables your customers to help other customers through a Social Contact Center. The benefits? Manage all dialogues from one single location. Reduce response time and costs significantly. Guarantee the right answers.

Online data volume doubles every two years. A large volume of this cluttered data stems from social networks.

If you want to maintain control and make confident decisions, you have to learn to listen to discussions happening around your brand. Our Listening Center solution does just that: help you answer questions in real-time.

Whether events, campaigns or crises management, social networks added a new layer of content to existing activities.

Companies can use our Wall solution to monitor this extra layer in real-time (nature of the content), capture relevant content (content availability) and steer conversations where
relevant (content tonality).

Digitalization has raised higher expectations on services level quality. Customers expect you to be fully available and highly responsive across all channels.

Our Community Management solutions help companies engage with their customer base and handle their requests in real-time. A trained team manages this dialog on-time, on-quality and on-brand. A sure way to increase your response rates.

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