Gira embracing the digital momentum

Gira embracing the digital momentum

Gira is a premium manufacturer in the electro technical and building technology industry looking back on 111 years of successful company history. Switches and socket outlets belong to Gira’s extensive product portfolio as well as door communication systems and intelligent building technology –in short: innovations that promote Smart Home Living. More convenience, more comfort, more safety.

The company’s purpose is to expand its well-established B2B presence into the consumer space, building a deep emotional connection with its customers along the way. The partnership with Convidera aims at articulating a holistic digital strategy to build, promote and expand Gira’s online brand presence while maintaining a constant dialog with its user communities.

Gira opening the dialog

Digitalization is the key enabler in evolving Gira into a consumer-centric brand. This re-positioning process followed a 3 step-approach:

The first natural step in this digital transformational journey is the thorough assessment of the external and internal factors impacting Gira’s brand positioning and perception. This assumed consistent listening – and understanding – of the impressions and opinions exchanged on the brand by various audiences on numerous topics. The outcome of this extensive listening exercise led to the definition of meaningful themes and relevant target groups for Gira to capitalize on.

G-Pulse, Gira’s interactive digital magazine, was brought to life with the ambition to provide the newly-defined target audience with a content platform that informs, inspires, and connects. Meaningful topics such as architecture, interior design, and smart home not only proved to address the readers’ interests, but enabled Gira to drive topic leadership in that space. This, in turn, helped establish the company’s online presence through readers’ engagement and expand the brand’s reach and influence. Convidera’s contribution extends to the conceptualization of the digital magazine, the creation and publishing of meaningful content stories as well as the continuous success management of the platform.

Since the launch of G-Pulse, Gira recorded an outstanding number of visitors, returning readers and newsletter’s subscribers: a clear evidence that the brand has succeeded in engaging and interacting with its consumers. This positive momentum reinforces the effectiveness of the digital strategy Gira has endorsed last year and has equipped them with the tools and knowledge they need to effectively and purposefully reach out to their customers.

Our services at a glance:

Gira at Light & Building 2016 – Digitalizing their trade-fair-appearance

Another highlight in 2016 was the Light & Building trade-fair in Frankfurt. Once again, Gira was able to demonstrate their progressive and innovative thinking by digitalizing their trade-fair-appearance and optimizing their online-offline presence. The Social Media Wall, developed and supervised by Convidera, made a lasting impression of Gira as a digitally-savvy and connected company.

Gira: On its course to digital leadership

A well-articulated digital strategy and consistent operational steering enabled Gira to craft a space on the net while enjoying the engagement and appreciation of its readership. Social Media engagement such as likes, comments and share, will continue to drive the company’s visibility and awareness in consumers’ minds while connecting with them on an emotional and authentic level.

Listening to target groups is – and will remain – fundamental to the understanding of what your audience wants and needs, and is an essential bridge-builder between your customers and your brand.

We’re proud to be Gira’s trusted partner on its journey to digital leadership and we look forward to taking this partnership to the next level.