Promoting a Digital Brand Identity – How Unitymedia effectively and effortlessly engages with its social media fan base

Promoting a Digital Brand Identity – How Unitymedia effectively and effortlessly engages with its social media fan base

Unitymedia and Convidera – two companies that share more than just their love for Cologne: Both put emphasis on innovative approaches and investments into the digital future. These common interests make them a perfect match to articulate a holistic communication strategy for Unitymedia’s Social Media channels.

Unitymedia is the largest cable service company and one of the leading providers of broadband media- and communication services in North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse. The company has more than 7.1 million customers and an annual revenue of 2.17 billion EUR (FY 2015).*

Unitymedia and Convidera entered into a partnership towards the end of 2012. The ultimate purpose of this cooperation was to provide Unitymedia with an integrated listening and monitoring solution, and establish a centralized content and community management governance structure for the company.

Convidera solutions:

With more than 100 shops all over Germany, consistent brand communication is a fundamental element in Unitymedia’s digital communication strategy. Securing coherence in form and content is vital to create homogenous and cohesive customer experiences at every single communication touchpoint.

Realtrax Listening Center: Curate relevant content and manage crisis situations

To define a standardised Social Media brand presence for Unitymedia, the first natural step was an extensive listening exercise: Paying attention to what their customers say about them is an essential ingredient in curating relevant and valuable content. To facilitate customer-oriented content creation, Convidera provided Unitymedia with the end-to-end software Realtrax. Thanks to Realtrax’s customized and intelligible solutions, as well as a team of experience community managers, Unitymedia is now able to monitor opinions exchanged on the brand. To meet Unitymedia’s specific needs as a cable service provider, an alert service was added to Unitymedia’s customized Realtrax interface. Whenever certain phrases generate a higher search volume, or keywords such as “outage” are mentioned more frequently online, designated employees receive an e-mail or text message alert. A traffic-light labelling system helps our team of community managers efficiently reduce and manage escalations. Additionally, Realtrax’s standardized reporting feature makes it easy to send out regular listening reports to the whole company.

One voice – Multiple channels

Realtrax not only allows Unitymedia to listen and react to their audience: Additionally, the software solution greatly simplifies all editorial processes. Listening to your target audience is the first natural step to emotionally engage with your customers. By monitoring topics and trends in real-time, Unitymedia can effectively create and distribute relevant and value-adding content.

To further simplify the content creation and editorial processes, Convidera established a “Parent/Child”-structure for Unitymedia. About hundred different Social Media channels of local Unitymedia stores (the children) were integrated into Realtrax and linked to one main content creation channel (the parent). This structure enables companies to easily distribute content published to the parent channel across all linked channels. Using Realtrax, it takes no more than one click to publish content on several Social Media channels at once. Creating coherence – content wise as well as in regard to overall channel design – thus becomes easy, and helps to improve the overall performance of Social Media channels.

The data accumulated through listening and monitoring becomes an important source of inspiration as well: In combination with its intuitive user interface, Realtrax motivates and empowers employees of local Unitymedia stores to create their own Social Media content: All in all, Unitymedia’s communication strategy hast become increasingly coherent, leaving room for creativity.

Active customer dialog with a coherent voice

In partnership with Convidera, Unitymedia pursued a digital communication strategy to establish a coherent voice on Social Media. By listening to discussions concerning the brand, the company can easily define current trends and significant topics, effectively engage with their customers, manage crisis situations, and distribute content relevant to their customers – overall strengthening their brand image online.

We are proud to be Unitymedia’s trusted partner on their digital journey and we look forward to continue support them with exciting projects yet to come.